Declaration on Human Rights and Labor Conditions​

The ams OSRAM Code of Conduct sets the Group-wide requirements in respect to Human Rights and labor conditions.  It is supported by our Code of Conduct for Suppliers that is a basic prerequisite for doing business with us.​

ams OSRAM is committed to upholding the human rights of its employees and treating them with dignity and respect. This applies to all workers, including temporary and migrant workers, student workers, temporary workers, permanent workers and all other types of workers. The following working conditions apply: ​

  • Any form of forced labor, servitude (including bonded labor) or compulsory labor, involuntary or exploitative prison labor, slave labor or labor based on human trafficking is not permitted; ​
  • The use of child labor is prohibited at any stage of the manufacturing process; ​
  • Working hours shall not exceed the maximum number of hours applicable under local law. In addition, weekly working hours, including overtime, shall generally not exceed 60 hours. Exceptions include emergencies and exceptional circumstances. Our goal is for all overtime to be worked voluntarily. Employees must be granted one day off at least every seven days, provided there are no emergencies or exceptional circumstances; ​
  • Compensation paid to employees shall comply with all relevant laws concerning this matter, including laws on minimum wage, overtime and legally established social benefits; ​
  • In accordance with local laws, the right of all employees to form or join unions of their choice, to bargain collectively and to hold peaceful assemblies shall be respected. ​

Each employee must contribute to these goals within his or her sphere of influence and through his or her own behavior. ​

The whistleblowing system “Tell ams OSRAM,” which was introduced throughout the Company in April 2021, is a key element of the compliance management system. Employees and third parties can report – anonymously, if they wish – indications of breaches of legislation governing anti-corruption, competition and antitrust law, the prevention of money laundering, data protection and export controls, but also human rights and labor conditions via “Tell ams OSRAM”. ​

For more information on Human Rights and Labor Conditions see our Sustainability Report.​