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Key Technology Scenarios for Industrial Applications:

Access Control and Security Monitoring, Factory Automation, Security and Industrial, X-ray Imaging, Robotics, Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy, 3D Sensing, Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF), Structured Light (SL), Infrared Illumination, Global Shutter Image Sensors, Digital Converters, Photodiodes, LiDAR, Position Sensing

Secure Access Control & Security Monitoring

What does the right access control or security monitoring solution look like for your needs?

Access control and security monitoring systems deliver increased safety, security, convenience, and peace of mind for people, buildings, and outside locations. Having the right verification mechanism is crucial.

The touchless-authentication trend has accelerated due to COVID-19, and demand has increased for 3D authentication sensing solutions for use in residential building access and in the commercial space. We are delivering effective solutions based on all three forms of 3D sensing technology: Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF), and Structured Light (SL).

Our compact Infrared illumination products for camera systems enable wide-range surveillance benefitting public safety, and are used in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), video cameras in banks, and for vehicle-registration plate recognition at the entrance to a private or company car park.

ams and OSRAM has a myriad of advanced technologies and solutions that are shaping this industry, and seamlessly integrate into your products.


3D Sensing for Factory Automation

How important is 3D technology to Industry 5.0?

Factory Automation uses sensors to improve efficiency and quality for modern manufacturing processes. 3D sensing ams / 3D sensing OSRAM technology is vital for Industry 5.0 to avoid collision and for human-machine interaction. Our technology will enable our customers to create disruptive products based on all three forms of 3D technology: Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF), and Structured Light (SL).

ams and OSRAM are realizing a broad portfolio of sensors that enable our customers to transform their production processes. Think of increasingly popular cobots, i.e. robots that cooperate closely with humans, or even the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that carry objects across production areas or warehouses. In both cases, our 3D sensors make their use safer and collision free.

A leading supplier of innovative global shutter image sensors and advanced illumination technologies, ams and OSRAM deliver image acquisition without movement artifacts. Best-in-class fast and high-resolution cameras based on advanced global shutter pixels enable quality monitoring at high speed.

Our 1D/2D sensors also remain in high demand for simple but vital forms of factory automation, such as image sensors that enable quality control.

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Precise industrial x-ray imaging

Looking for an industrial X-ray detection solution that combines innovative technology, accuracy, and reliable performance?

X-ray scanning is typically associated with medical examinations, but today it plays a vital role in other industries providing security and safety for people. X-ray machines are found at airports to scan luggage, on factory production lines where food and pharmaceuticals are produced, and for non-destructive quality control of engine components, making it easier for food inspection and security personnel to detect potentially dangerous or harmful objects, and for mechanical operators to conduct precise quality assurance.

ams and OSRAM offer a wide range of sensing solutions for security and industrial X-ray applications that enable high-precision and fast image acquisition, reliability, high-sensitivity, and low power consumption – from current-to-digital converters for line and CT scanners, a sensing solution which combines photodiodes and analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) circuitry, to current-to-digital converters and flat panel readout ICs for industrial X-ray applications.

Smart robots redefine automation

What role will robots play in your future?

Smart robots play an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0 and as we move forward driving industrial automation robot applications are now adopted across several industries. From the automotive and manufacturing industries, to construction, mining, and agriculture, robotics will be implemented and require a range of sensor technology to operate safely and efficiently. In the home, robotic self-charging vacuum and moping cleaners and lawnmowers free our time. In industry, intelligent robots can replace or augment human activity like performing dangerous and repetitive tasks, allowing for greater flexibility, accuracy, safety, and cost-savings. Today, smart robots are used in the fight against COVID-19 to disinfect work locations, hospitals and airplanes using UVC light.

ams and OSRAM bring intelligence to robots and offers a wide range of sensor and illumination solutions, including accurate yet compact time-of-flight distance measurement sensors, LIDAR systems, 3D-imaging sensors (human face recognition, object avoidance) and position sensors (motor drive and joint position sensing). Our solutions are the best choice to increase the performance and precision of robots making them smarter.


Harnessing UV-C’s disinfection potential

Did you know that ultraviolet light is a chemical-free, efficient disinfectant? While ‘bright sunshine’ has long been valued for its health-bringing qualities, the germicidal effect of UV-C has also been medically supported.

UV-C LED technology is transforming how we disinfect and purify what we touch, breathe, eat and drink – all with the pure magic of invisible UV-C light. Germs can be found anywhere – in our water supplies, on surfaces, in our homes or hospitals, and even in the air. Our UV-C LEDs, together with spectral sensing technology from ams and OSRAM, can be used for disinfection and purification in many applications from consumer health and medical to industrial environments. We are working with our customers and partners from many industries to create innovations that are pioneering and to explore the endless opportunities. Disinfection and purification using UV-C LED technology will make a valuable contribution to making our lives safer for the future.

The same technology can also be used in wearable devices like smart watches or patches to monitor sun exposure during sports and outdoor activities and warn the user to go out of the sun when needed. Also, UV diagnostic and phototherapy devices can be used in wound disinfection and other medical skin treatments.

> Find out more in our horticulture webinar

ams OSRAM spectral sensing technology UVC disinfection ultraviolet light

Enabling chip-scale spectroscopy solutions

As spectroscopy evolves from an expensive laboratory-only procedure to enabling on-the-spot analysis of materials and elements, where do you need real time measurement?

Industry breakthroughs in chip-scale near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technologies have the power to transform industries like food & drink, retail, health and agriculture, enabling us all to determine the composition or conditions of materials without the need for complex and expensive measurement equipment and laboratories. In fact, whole new systems and approaches are enabled, for example in agriculture where farmers can use spectroscopy to determine the ideal time to harvest improving quality and reducing waste.

Sensors in accessories, consumer, or industrial appliances enable point-of-use testing, delivering results faster and cheaper, allowing consumers and businesses to make more informed decisions, faster and cheaper.

Together, ams and OSRAM create the leading supplier for near infrared sensors and emitters, which are the key enablers of the next generation of NIR spectroscopy systems and solutions.


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