ams TMD2635 IR Proximity Detection Module

Product features

The TMD2635 is an advanced IR proximity sensor module suited for short range proximity measurement detection and offered in the industry's smallest size (1.0mm x 2.0mm) and thin (0.5mm) optical land grid array module that incorporates a 940nm IR VCSEL and is factory calibrated for IR proximity response. The proximity detection feature provides nearby object detection by photodiode detection of reflected IR energy sourced by the integrated VCSEL emitter. Sensitivity, power consumption, and noise can be optimized with adjustable timing and power. Detect/release events can be interrupt driven, and occur when proximity result crosses upper and/or lower threshold settings. The proximity engine features advanced crosstalk noise cancellation through a wide range offset adjustments to compensate for unwanted IR energy reflection at the sensor. Proximity results are further improved by automatic ambient light subtraction.




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