ams TSL2521 - Ambient Light Sensor with Flicker Detection

ams TSL2521 - Ambient Light Sensor with Flicker Detection
ams TSL2521 - Ambient Light Sensor with Flicker Detection

Product features

The TSL2521 features ambient light sensing, as well as flicker detection. The device comes in a low-profile and small footprint, L2.0mm x W1.0mm x H0.5mm optical QFN package. The Ambient Light Sensing function provides two concurrent ambient light sensing channels, which can be arbitrarily connected to the photodiodes via a programmable multiplexer. TSL2521 incorporates a set of Infrared photodiodes and a set of clear photodiodes. The clear photodiode area is covered with a UV/IR blocking filter. This architecture accurately measures ambient light and enables the calculation of irradiance of different light sources. Calculation results help to improve display appearance and picture taking. The device also integrates direct detection of ambient light flicker. Flicker detection is executed in parallel with ambient light sensing and has independent gain configuration. The flicker detection engine will sample and buffer data for calculating flicker frequencies externally on a host CPU.




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LightSensors Pre-ProductionValidation AN001002

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