ams AS7038GB Vital Sign Sensor

ams AS7038GB Vital Sign Sensor
ams AS7038GB Vital Sign Sensor

Product features

The operation of the AS7038GB is based on photoplethysmography (PPG) and electrocardiogram (ECG).
PPG is the most used HRM method which measures the pulse rate by sampling light modulated by the blood vessels, which expand and contract as blood pulses through them. ECG is the reference for any measurement of the bio potential generated by the heart. The AS7038GB is supported by algorithms converting the PPG and ECG readings into digital HRM, HRV and Continuous Blood Pressure values. The cuff-less Blood Pressure Measurement has been optimized to fulfill the IEEE Std 1708-2014.
The detector includes the photo-sensor, analog front-end (AFE) and sequencer as well as application software. In addition to HRM/HRV and Blood Pressure, the detector also enables skin temperature and skin resistivity measurements by providing interfaces to external sensors.
The AS7038GB’s low-power design and small from factor is particularly well suited to application in fitness bands, smart watches, sports watches and smart patches, in which board space is limited and in which users look for extended, multi-day intervals between battery recharges.

Not Recommended for New Designs
ams-OSRAM AG has discontinued production of this device with immediate effect. Please see AS7038RB for possible replacement or contact your local sales representative for further information.



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