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Looking for the LED expertise to help you get ahead of the competition? Then get PASS – Premium Application Support Services. With PASS, you’ll get access to ams OSRAM's application engineering expertise and lab services through a lean, affordable, á-la-carte program. PASS, available for commercial businesses, is an open, collaborative, design and testing process that keeps you involved, allowing flexibility along the way. So make it good, make it fast, and make it easy – with PASS.

PASS allows you to select from a variety of technical services in the four principal areas:

For more information, please see our PASS program service brochure or request PASS.


Choose from a list of standard printed circuit boards (PCBs), specify a custom PCB or work with engineering to realize an entire system mockup for proof of concept.

  • Standard PCBs
  • Custom PCBs
  • System mockups

Choose from standard, custom or system prototyping to better design and improve your projects. ams OSRAM PASS (Premium Application Support Services) for opto semiconductors offers you á-la-carte flexibility and the ability to make changes throughout the process. We will help you realize your concepts quickly and easily.

Standard printed circuit boards

Choose from a list of standard available printed boards. Define your quantity and specific LED part number to populate on the board. Before ordering PASS services, reference our list of standard printed circuit boards available here.

  • Allows easy evaluation of components
  • Choose from single hex, cluster boards and linear designs
  • All ams OSRAM LED components are available for populating boards

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  • LED measurement
  • Custom printed circuit boards

Custom printed circuit boards

Define a board for your specific requirements, including LED part number, board outline, mechanical features and component positions.

  • Easily evaluate ams OSRAM LED components in your design
  • Develop first proof-of-concept boards

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  • LED measurement
  • System mockups

System mockups

We will help you define system elements around ams OSRAM’s LEDs using your specifications, and assist in proof of concept for partial or complete hardware solutions.

  • Get engineering support to create your solution
  • Access to LED Light for You network partners
  • Use components and integrated LED solutions from ams OSRAM

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  • LED measurement
  • System metrology

System metrology

Get photometric and thermal measurements for your solution.

  • Integrating sphere measurement (total luminous flux)
  • Thermal spot & area measurement
  • Goniophotometer measurement (spatial distribution of light or angular intensity)

ams OSRAM has testing facilities and engineering expertise to help you measure the performance of your LED design. We will help you make sure you’re creating the most effective and efficient design possible.

Integrating sphere measurement

Measure your system hardware and gain valuable data on the performance of the photometric characteristics.

  • Photometric flux, efficacy (lm/W)
  • Chromaticity (Cx, Cy), (u’v’), correlated color temperature (CCT), color rendering (CRI), and spectrum

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  • Simulate your optical system
  • System prototype

Thermal spot & area measurement

Get thermal spot and area measurements for your system.

  • Steady state and continuous temperature measurements
  • Diagnose problem areas and solutions of an LED system

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  • Simulate your thermal system
  • System prototype

Goniophotometer measurement

Your hardware will be measured in a goniophotometer, and you will receive a report including spatial intensity data and performance plots.

  • IES/LDT-formatted file provided
  • Benchmark characteristics to help define a performance specification
  • Identify and solve hardware optical problems early in the design process
  • Measure system performance before final certification

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  • Simulate your optical system
  • System prototype


Simulate your system to study illumination and thermal performance before hardware is realized.

  • Simulate your optical system
  • Model your illumination environment
  • Simulate your thermal system
  • Optics and thermal design support

Simulate your system or application and get design support for your project to ensure the highest quality outcome. With PASS (Premium Application Support Services), you will know your system works before you prototype your hardware.

Simulate your optical system

Using optical modeling software, PASS experts simulate your system with known opto-mechanical properties and specified LEDs to assess its performance.

  • Measure performance before going through the time and cost of producing hardware
  • Assess more than one option to choose the best solution

Model your illumination environment

We will install an LED system model in a specified environment using illumination software and assess its performance.


  • See your system in a virtual environment and verify performance
  • Environments include parking areas, streets, indoor spaces and many more
  • Measure system performance before actual installation


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  • System prototype
  • Lumen maintenance
  • Optical design support
  • Goniophotometer measurement
  • LM-80/TM-21 reports

Simulate your thermal system

Use thermal modeling software to test thermo-mechanical geometry and material properties. You provide CAD system elements and materials information, and we will provide the modeling.

  • Assess thermal performance before prototyping hardware
  • Compare options for thermal performance in a virtual environment

Thermal design support

Simply supply us with your specifications for performance and LED components and...


  • ... we will help you design a system to meet those specifications.
  • ... get expert support to help you meet your thermal performance target.
  • ... save time and money.

Optics design support

PASS experts will create a conceptual opto-mechanical proposal and model a system to your detailed performance specifications.

  • Get expert help meeting your system requirements with ams OSRAM’s LEDs.

LED data

LED characterization and lifetime estimation based on your specified parts and drive current.

  • LED measurements
  • Lifetime estimation
  • LM-80/TM-21 reports

ams OSRAM’s LEDs are second to none – and we are willing to prove it. We will provide all the data you need on combinations of our LEDs to create the perfect solution.

LED measurements

Give us your specifications on part number, binning, quantity and drive current, and we will give you a measured LED data report. Standard measurement parameters at a specified current include flux, radiometric watts, chromaticity, CCT and Vf.


  • Allows for the precise characterization of performance in a system.

LM-80/TM-21 reports

Certifying your fixture? Request a report on our LED components.

  • LM-80 and TM-21 reports are available for select LED components
  • Use these reports for relevant certification programs

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  • Standard and custom PCBs
  • Thermal measurement
  • LM-80/TM-21 reports

Lumen maintenance estimation

With estimated application conditions and your part specifications, we will provide an estimated lumen maintenance estimation for ams OSRAM’s LEDs


  • Get performance information before launching your product.

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