Webinar Digital Temperature Sensors

2020/12/16 - 2021/08/31


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On demand webinar: Digital temperature sensors – Learn about the unique features of digital temperature sensors and their use cases in medical and consumer applications.

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Temperature sensors have become even hotter products due to Covid-19 for exact body temperature measurements. The newest, hyper-accurate digital temperature sensors from ams have the ability to precisely measure temperature with 0.1°C accuracy. The sensor ensures low power consumption and with its compact size, it is ideal for battery-powered mobile electronic devices, wearable devices, and personal health monitoring.

This webinar pictures the unique features of digital temperature sensors and their amazing use cases in medical and consumer implementations. ams offers precise digital temperature sensors for wide range of use cases, reaching from small, battery-driven wearable solutions to smart home appliances (e.g: HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Webinar Title: ams Digital Temperature Sensors - Takes Temperature Sensing to the Next Level

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What will attendees learn in this webinar?

  • Temperature Sensing 
  • Use Cases: Medical observation, wearables, health monitoring
  • Introduction of AS6221 – newest generation 0.1° accuracy temperature sensor
  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Portfolio
  • Collateral

Webinar Speaker

Michael Pichler
Application Engineering Team Manager at ams OSRAM

Michael has more than 10 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, with the focus on various sensor solutions. Within ams AG he leads the application support team of the Image Sensor Solutions Division. Michael is also responsible for the technical support of digital temperature sensors for the industrial and medical markets. Together with his team he provides the required collateral, trainings and technical support to enable a straightforward design in process at our customers.

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Chinese webinar:ams temperature sensor AS6212 for new application in consumer and medical market

Temperature sensors have become hot products due to Covid-19. In daily life, temperature sensors are not just used for body temperature detection in forehead devices and smart gates. Take the high-performance temperature sensor AS621X series newly launched by ams as an example which is compact in size and ensures low power consumption. The AS621x series can be widely used in a variety of applications including industrial process control solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) applications (such as cold chain monitoring, medical data collection, etc.) to battery-powered mobile electronic devices, wearable devices, and personal health monitoring.


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Webinar Speakers


John Wang
FAE Manager

John Wang has more than 10 years of experience in industrial electronic products, is engaged in electronic technology and sensor research and development, and has experience working as field application technical support and management in China, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.


English webinar:AS621x next generation family of digital temperature sensors can play in Industry 4.0.

This webinar explains the transformational role that the AS621x next generation family of digital temperature sensors can play in Industry 4.0. Sensors from ams are shaping leading industrial applications from process automation and monitoring through to medical and mobility. The session discusses and compares the different sensing technology offerings, detailing the best practices for including temperature sensors in your design. You will learn how sensors from ams are addressing key industry challenges such as ease-of-use, size, accuracy and power consumption. A case study will compliment your learning experience.

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Why attend the Webinar?

 - learn benefits of the ams AS621x family of digital temperature sensor solutions 
 - get overview of key features of the AS621x sensor family
 - understand business and technical benefits of transitioning to digital temperature sensors
 - hear best practices
 - find support material from ams to facilitate the design process

Webinar Speakers


Bernhard Kalcher
Manager Applications at ams OSRAM

Bernhard is in charge of leading the applications group for Medical and Specialty Sensors at ams. In this role Bernhard is responsible for defining and developing ams temperature sensing technology. 


Nikolai Haslebner
Senior Product Manager at ams OSRAM

Nikolai  works in the industrial sensors field in the business line Medical and Specialty Sensors at ams. He is responsible for the complete life cycle of various industrial products in the business line and for the marketing of temperature sensors within his business line.