ams showcases sensing solutions for wearables, Home/Building, IoT, mobile, and consumers at MWC Shanghai

Premstaetten, Austria (20 June, 2019) -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, will showcase industry-leading technologies for wearables, home/building, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and consumers at MWC Shanghai 2019, taking place 26-28 June 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

ams customers will experience ground-breaking sensor solutions for a wide range of applications. This includes: color and spectral sensing, Augmented Hearing including digital Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), 3D optical sensing, and miniaturized image sensing.
As part of its wireless earbud solutions, ams will introduce sophisticated new digital Augmented Hearing technology which allows users to tune out ambient noise and simultaneously tune in speech and music. ams will be first to market in showcasing this on loose- and closed-fit earbuds.
The combination of best in class digital noise cancellation and either natural or boosted transparency modes will transform the experience of hearing music, having voice calls – and even experiencing the world around us.

This will enable mobile device OEMs to design market-leading digital noise cancellation and hearing solutions, including more comfortable true wireless earbuds, while offering end customers the flexibility to freely combine the desired level of noise cancellation and/or transparency.
In short, the technology provides high-performance, enables a tiny system footprint, and is low power. This makes it a perfect fit for true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth stereo over/in-ear headsets and lighting/USB-C headsets.

“China has always been an important strategic market for ams. The continuous development of IoT applications and the digital transformation of traditional industries in China brings tremendous opportunities for sensor technology. We are bringing ground-breaking sensor solutions to MWC Shanghai for China's key markets such as home/building, IoT, mobile and consumers,” says Alexander Everke, CEO at ams. “We are investing to remain at the forefront of technology and speed up application innovation in China.”

‘Sensing is Life’ Exhibition at MWC Shanghai – industry-dedicated innovation showcases:

  • Wireless Earbud solutions
    --> Digital Augmented Hearing: tuning out noise while tuning in speech and music in any environment on first to market loose- and closed fit earbuds.
    --> POW:COM: Dual pin charging and communication. Form factor demo of wireless earbud boards connected to a charging cradle.
    --> Android phone showing battery level and BT communication status.
    --> Optical in ear detector: showcasing wireless earbuds utilizing the new
    --> TMD2635 solution for in-ear detection.
    --> Optical slider concept: using the TMD2635 as user interface for wireless earbuds
  • High-Performance Color Spectral Sensing Solutions: for distance and color matching, skin tone and color measurement and CCT.
  • VivaVita reference design: a wearable device for 24/7 vital sign sensing, including a blood pressure monitoring solution with US FDA approval expected in fall 2019.
  • MIRS: IR spectrometer for consumer applications.
  • ToF presence detection demo: laptop-based demo that detects presence of person/object in front of screen and wakes-up laptop.
  • TMF8701 1D ToF: using a customer handset with a TMF8701, showcase sensor that demos ToF mode during SL 3D face recognition and Prox mode for in-pocket detection.
  • TMF8801 ToF presence detection: laser detect auto focus, distance measurement, collision avoidance.
  • Behind OLED ALS and Prox: demo experience will showcase light sensors that are able to look through the display. ALS where screen brightness changes with different light sources and light conditions and Prox which turns off and on the display.
  • Auto-white balancing demo: the "True-White" demo showcases how the TCS3430 color sensor significantly improves the AWB algorithm to take a better white-balanced picture.
  • Seres (Stereo Vision Platform): Belago (Dot projector), PMSILPlus (Flood illuminator) on Qualcomm development board, visualization of depth map on big screen to have technology comparison
  • Arolla (iToF): ToF & face recognition, demo including PMD sensor module, visualization on big screen to have technology comparison
  • Smart lighting AS7221 demo kits: enable lights to be “aware” and adapt to their surroundings, autonomously adapting to human lighting and energy conservation needs
  • NanEye M: the smallest digital camera for medical and industrial use e.g.  Small size ideal for a variety of medical endoscope, IoT and robotic applications.
  • Joint demos with Megvii Technology Limited: include Single Camera Skeleton, Super-image Quality, Video Camera Bokeh, Dollyzoom, and ToF based FaceID & payment.

Visit ams booth (N1, C120) at Shanghai New International Expo Centre for more information.