WT - Wearable Technologies Conference 2024


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Title: Beyond Semiconductors: ams OSRAM’s Expeditions in Health Algorithms

Unlocking the full potential of our one-stop-shop health monitoring portfolio through vital sign algorithm development: In this session you will learn how innovative ams OSRAM light-emitting and optical sensor technology as well algorithms for vital signs monitoring support mobile medical and wearable device manufacturer. 


Session: Enabling Tech and Future Innovation

Time: April 16, 2024 at 2:20pm



ams OSRAM wearable healthcare technology

Florian Lex

Product Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM

Florian is an expert in Vital Sign Monitoring and he has international expertise in general sensing applications, project and communication management, emitter and detector technologies, as well as product and marketing management. His background in broad application support, 3D sensing application, communication management, and application engineering will ensure a deep dive into sensor technologies during his presentation.