OSLON® Boost

Highest luminance on smalles chip size for slim headlamp design.

OSLON® Boost for automotive & mobility applications

OSLON® Boost for automotive & mobility applications

With the OSLON® Boost family, a new chip generation with an extremely high electrical power is coming. Together with a special designed package it is now possible to use the LED with 3A per square millimeter chip surface. As a result, it is not only possible to achieve very high luminous flux but also to reach a great light concentration from a small emission surface. High luminance translates future-oriented headlamp designs into reality. Due to increasing luminance, design-driven applications can be created with a reduced system size. Especially in the premium car segment, this will play an increasingly important role.



  • OSLON® Boost HX
  • High-luminance of > 200 cd/mm²
  • Developed for illumination of DMD (Digital Mircomirror Devices)
  • Projection of symbols on road in HD quality
  • Advanced safety with digital light functions


  • Ceramic package with electrically isolated thermal pad for good thermal management
  • Outstanding heat dissipation via internals design structures
  • Robust package supports good handling
  • Light emission surface centered with square emission pattern for easier optical design
  • Chip is designed for high ampacity of 3A per square millimeter
  • Automotive-grade product