Dynamic forward lighting for highest performance and safety

Intelligent dynamic forward lighting elevates car safety to another level. In future, multifunctional intelligent headlamps will illuminate the road and communicate with the surrounding environment at the same time using dynamic or moving light. This enhances driver visibility while simultaneously reducing glare for other road users. As soon as oncoming traffic is detected the appropriate pixels are automatically switched off.
Drivers can always drive with high-beam light distribution, while other road users experience this light as low-beam illumination. This is because adaptive driving beam (ADB / AFS) uses an integrated camera to identify other vehicles and dynamically screens the eyes of oncoming drivers to prevent glare. The same technique can also spot obstacles in the road and illuminate them, further boosting safety. These ADB systems or multi-pixelated single LEDs not only eliminate dazzling oncoming traffic, but also enable car2x communication by projecting warning symbols on the road. Higher resolutions/pixelations also called ‘digital light’ can also be used for projection purposes with decorative functions. For example, before the driver enters the vehicle the light displays a personalized welcome message in front of the car.
Those applications from permanent glare-fee high beam to projections of driver track assistance can even be realized by a single component today.


ams OSRAM offering

In addition to special discrete LED solutions (e.g. OSLON Compact PL, OSLON Boost HM) for ADB systems, ams OSRAM offers solutions for high resolution ADB. The EVIYOS® family of multi-pixel LEDs enables an active distribution of light in high resolution. Only the necessary LED pixels are powered on, others are not active leading to an efficient product ideal for energy-saving concepts or electric vehicles. Its scalable system provides a flexible field of view, as EVIYOS® can be configured to cover different aspect ratio depending on the application area. For example, the EVIYOS can be combined with discrete LEDs where the EVIYOS realizes the high resolution in the center and the discrete LEDs are generating the base light. With its compact design and high power, EVIYOS® provides a fine-resolution ADB system to be implemented in a small space and delivers outstanding performance.

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