General meeting information

Information regarding share deposit confirmation

Verification key date of the shareholding: June 14 2022, 12:00 midnight, Vienna time (record date)
Deadline for submission of deposit confirmation: June 21, 2022, 12:00 midnight, Vienna time (24:00 hours Vienna time)

(i) for transmission for the deposit certificate in written form
         By mail or by courier:
         ams-OSRAM AG
         c/o HV-Veranstaltungsservice GmbH
         Koeppel 60
         A-8242 St. Lorenzen am Wechsel

         Via SWIFT:  GIBAATWGGMS (Message Type MT598 and MT599; ISIN AT0000A18M4 must be included in the text)

(ii) for transmission of the deposit certificate in text-form, sufficient according to §17 para 3 of the Articles of Association
         Verification by telefax: +43 (0) 1 8900 500 86
         Verification by E-Mail: (please submit the deposit certificate in PDF format)

The shareholders are requested to contact their custodian bank and to arrange for the issuance and delivery of a deposit confirmation. Without the deposit certificate reaching the Company in time, the appointment of the special voting proxy and the exercise of the information rights by shareholders cannot be done validly. The deposit certificate must be issued by a credit institution maintaining deposits which has its seat in a member state of the European Economic Area or in a full member state of the OECD and must include the following information:

  • Information on the issuer: (Company) Name and address or a code which is customary in the transactions between credit institutions (BIC- or SWIFT Code),
  • Information on the shareholder: (Company) Name and address, date of birth of natural persons, if applicable register and register number of legal persons,
  • Information on the shares: number of shares of the shareholder, ISIN AT0000A18XM4,
  • Deposit number and/or other designation,
  • Date to which the deposit certificate relates.

Virtual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Date: 24 June, 2022
Time: 10.00am, Vienna time
Location: Virtual meeting, broadcast under:

Representation by proxy

Each shareholder entitled to attend the virtual General Meeting, who has proven that pursuant to section IV. above, has the right to appoint a special voting proxy.  In the virtual General Meeting of ams AG pursuant to COVID-19-CorpReg on June 24, 2022, shareholders can only propose resolutions, cast votes and/or raise objections through one of the special voting proxies.
The Company proposes the following persons as special voting proxies, each appropriate and independent of the Company:

  1. Mr. Walter Pisk, public notary    
     Raubergasse 20, 8010 Graz                  

  2. Ms Agnes Arlt, attorney-at-law    
     Ebendorferstrasse 6/10, 1010 Vienna         

  3. Mr. Philipp Stossier, attorney-at-law
    Dragonerstraße 54, 4600 Wels

  4.  Mr. Arno Weigand, public notary
     Untere Donaustrasse 13-15/7th floor, 1020 Vienna   

Each shareholder may select one of the four persons named above as its special voting proxy and grant such person power of attorney. The granting of a power of attorney to another person i snot permissible persuant to COVID-19.CorpReg and such other person will not be able to access the virtual general meeting. A specific form for the appointment of a special voting proxy is available on the Company’s website for each of the four proposed special voting proxies. The Company kindly asks its shareholders to use the provided form. For the granting of a power of attorney, as well as the modalities and deadlines for its submission, please pay attention to the Information on Participation. Personal delivery of the power of attorney on site is explicitly prohibited.

Information rights and questions

It is hereby expressly stated that in this virtual General Meeting, the information rights pursuant to section 118 AktG have to be exercised by the shareholders themselves during the General Meeting, and can only be exercised by sending any questions or speeches via electronic mail to the Company’s e-mail address

The shareholders are kindly asked to submit preferably all questions in advance in text form via e-mail to, so that the questions are received by the Company on the third working day prior to the General Meeting, i.e. June 21, 2022, at the latest.
This is to ensure a smooth and efficient General Meeting, and will allow for a proper preparation and swift responses to the raised questions by the Management Board in the General Meeting, particularly for questions, which require a longer preparation time.

All documents concerning the Annual General Meeting 2022 are available here.