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In our sustainability reports, we present our sustainability achievements to date. You can download topic-related documents in our download area.

ams OSRAM Sustainability

We highlight our impact in terms of ecological, economic and social aspects and describe the concepts and measures we have taken. The report is intended to inform our stakeholders - analysts and investors, customers, suppliers, non-governmental organisations, politicians and authorities, our employees and all interested parties - about what we are doing to make our products, solutions and processes and our supply chain even more sustainable.

Our Sustainability Report 2023 also includes our EU Taxonomy and TCFD reporting as well as an index regarding the requirements by SASB.


Sustainability Documents 2023

Downloads - Sustainability Report 2023, CDP



Environmental Product Stewardship

Other (CoC, Human Rights, ...)


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Other sustainability related documents

ams OSRAM financual results and reports can be found in the link below as well as our annual Communication on Progress (COP) as an active member of the UN Global Compact.


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