Light out of nowhere

ALIYOS™ for automotive & mobility applications

ALIYOS™ for automotive & mobility applications

Welcome to the playground of ALIYOS™, where the light literally comes out of nowhere. And that gives engineers and designers ample freedom to play with news ideas. But end customers don't miss out either, because ALIYOS™ also enables completely new products thanks to the state-of-the-art low-energy LED technology with efficiency at the highest level. With remarkable flexibility, unparalleled transparency, and astonishing brightness, ALIYOS™ is setting a new standard in light-based interaction. What new customer experiences are you going to develop?



  • Ultra-thin LED foils offer versatile lighting solutions for endless possibilities
  • Novel 3D-lighting and animation effects due to transparency of ALIYOS™ foils
  • Hidden-until-lit possibility provides a minimalist and modern aesthetic
  • Compatibility with touch detection enables intuitive and interactive user interactions
  • ALIYOS™ foils allow for flexibility to follow 2.5D bended surfaces


  • ALIYOS™ technology pushes the boundaries of multi-segmented area lighting and allows an individualization of light emission patterns
  • Characteristics like transparency, thinness, 2.5D bendability and a high freedom of design differentiate our customers’ lighting solutions
  • Legal brightness requirements of Rear Combination Lamp (RCL) functions can be met solely with ALIYOS™ technology
  • Versatile integration of the technology into various automotive interior and exterior designs