2021/09/28 - 2021/09/28



Hall 3, Conference Room C


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Join our Chinese presentation about active noise cancellation


Future headset design requires small, portable, smart and comfortable devices. ams OSRAM's digital hearing solution brings a new design for enhanced wireless earbuds, which can adjust ambient noise through market-leading active noise reduction (ANC) performance, adaptive leakage compensation (ALC) technology, automatic preset selection (APS) and other functions to improve the audio quality of portable consumer electronic devices. Combined with an optical proximity in-ear detection solution and innovative capacitive touch and other interactions, it helps to optimize the design of semi-in-ear headphones.

Topic: Smart ANC - Noise cancellation needs to be smart in this “Smart” era

What will we showcase? 

  • Excellent solutions on wireless earbuds, which simplifies earphone design
  • Digital hearing enhancement, especially intelligent ANC technology optimized for semi-in-ear headphones
  • Optical proximity detection and optical sensor interaction
  • Technology demonstration, trends and potential application discussions

Speaking slot: Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021 at 11:30am - 12:00am GMT+8

Chinese Speaker: William Wang
Sales Manager, Mobile, Consumer and Computing

William is responsible for sales and market development of key components used in headsets and portable equipments. He has over 10 years working experience in the audio industry, monitors development trends of the audio market, and has accumulated rich experience and insights on a variety of audio applications and headphone designs.