In order to fulfill our responsibility, we are committed to environmental management practices that conserve resources and to developing innovative, energy-efficient products.

Environmental Management

We have set up a corporate EHS policy in order to integrate environmental issues into the overall management on a corporate-wide level. 

The structure of the guideline is in line with the following internationally recognized management system standards:
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
ISO 50001 – Energy Management System (for locations within EU)

Energy Efficiency Law EnEfG (Germany)
The action plans for our end-use energy saving measures in Germany can be accessed on demand.
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We created the necessary organization for these industry standards and a comprehensive system for environmental management. 



As an industrial company, our operations involve energy usage and natural resource consumption, alongside the emission of greenhouse gases and waste production. Consequently, addressing climate protection and advancing towards a circular economy are paramount priorities for us. Therefore, we are committed to an energy-efficient and resource-conserving way of doing business and are developing innovative, environmentally friendly products. 

Moreover, we are actively driving the formulation of a comprehensive sustainability strategy, accompanied by specific targets. 

ams OSRAM is committed to the 1.5 degree-target of the Paris Climate Agreement and wants to make its own operations carbon-neutral by 2030.



Environmental Management

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