1D ToF関連ウェビナー(中国語)

2020/11/25 - 2020/11/25





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amsが自信を持ってお届けする、1D ToF関連の中国語ウェビナーをまとめています。

Discuss the main application of ToF and show the advantages of ams optical sensor

Chinese Webinar: ams single-zone and multi-zone ToF performance characteristics and its various applications

Abstract: This webinar is about how to use ToF sensors to achieve precise distance measurement, proximity triggering system and multi-objects detection.

ams provides industries smallest size single-zone dToF sensor, it has best-in-class sunlight immunity, precise distance measurement and very simple product line calibration.
This workshop mainly introduces ams' single-zone ToF performance characteristics and various kinds of innovative applications.

Time: Nov 25, 2020 @ 14:00pm Beijing Time

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ams product benefits:

  • Sunlight immunity
  • Industries smallest single-zone ToF
  • Precise distance measurement
  • Simplified production line calibration(<1s)

Why attending this webinar?

  • Introduce ams single-zone ToF performance characteristics in detail, to explore why it becomes a popular product in the market.
  • ams ToF sensor portfolio and its various kind of applications.


Webinar Speaker

Barry Guo
Senior Marketing Manager, ams AG

Barry Guo has more than a decade of working experience in the field of optical sensors, responsible for the promotion of ams ToF products in the Chinese market, focusing on IoT, industrial, consumer electronics and other applications. 



Discuss the main application of ToF and show the advantages of ams optical sensor

Chinese Webinar: Use 1D ToF to measure the future

Abstract: Compares and analyzes the development status, trends and mainstream of TOF technology.

In the ever-changing global smartphone market, the spirit of innovation is rooted in ams DNA. At this seminar, ams will share the accumulated optical and color spectrum sensing technology, and focus on the current situation, trends and mainstream technology comparison and analysis of TOF technology.

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Why attend to the Webinar?

 - Discuss the main application of TOF
 - ams optical sensor advantage combination


Webinar Speaker


Spencer Bai
FAE Director

Spencer has more than 10 years of experience in the semiconductor field, he has a wealth of sensor applications and technology accumulation, directly connecting the industry's key customers about optical sensors for more than 6 years.