Chinese Webinar: ams OSRAM’s dynamic signaling empowers new intelligent driving experience


Watch our on-demand Chinese webinar about automotive dynamic signaling solutions

Modern automotive lighting design is advancing in two main directions: one in exploring innovative applications such as projection technologies and enhanced interactive lighting systems; the other in appearance design by leveraging differentiated LED light sources to reinforce brand identity.

Therefore, continuously optimizing the performance and cost-effectiveness of automotive LEDs becomes a core pursuit in product development strategy.

By replacing toplooker LEDs with the SYNIOS® P1515 sidelookers, automotive manufacturers can achieve a smooth, homogeneous appearance across the width of the vehicle. With the same number of LEDs as in a toplooker-based arrangement, a rear combination lamp (RCL) or turn indicator can be produced with a far thinner and simpler optical assembly. This opens up new potential to create dramatic and distinctive shapes in new RCL designs.

As a global leader in smart sensors and emitters, ams OSRAM is dedicated to pioneering breakthroughs in automotive projection, offering diverse lighting solutions with LEDs and lasers that illuminate the path to a vibrant driving experience.

Time: May 16, 2024, 14:00 - 15:30, GMT+8, Thursday 

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George Pan

Senior Automotive LED Application Specialist

George brings impressive 18-year track expertise in automotive lighting, covering headlight and rear light optical design, LED products development, and technical support for interior and exterior lighting applications. Joining ams OSRAM in 2009 as a seasoned expert in the field, he is currently providing technical support for interior and exterior applications in Greater China.