Enabling extremely homogenous and smooth appearance of backlit applications​

SYNIOS® P1515 for automotive & mobility applications

SYNIOS® P1515 for automotive & mobility applications

The SYNIOS® P1515 family enables the creation of a homogeneous appearance in extended light bars and other automotive rear lighting applications and makes their design far simpler and easier. By replacing toplooker LEDs with the SYNIOS® P1515 sidelookers an extremely high level of homogeneity can be achieved with the same depth of optical stack as for toplooker LEDs, but with substantially fewer LEDs and LED drivers. With the same number of SYNIOS® P1515 LEDs as in a toplooker-based arrangement, an RCL or turn indicator can be produced with a far thinner and simpler optical assembly. This opens new potential to create dramatic and distinctive shapes in new RCL designs.​



  • Small LED industry standard footprint of 1,5mm x 1,5mm ​available in red, super red, yellow​​​
  • 360° radiation characteristic​
  • Automotive exterior qualification according to IEC 60810 / AEC Q102 and USCAR33​​​


  • Robust, efficient and small LEDs for automotive signaling applications​
  • Creates a distinctive side-emission pattern preventing vertical „Hot-spots“, which is ideal for homogeneous rear lamp applications​
  • Rear lamp designs are now easier to realize with either less LEDs or a thinner optical assembly