ams awards EMEA distribution franchise to EBV to support rapid growth in demand for smart sensor solutions

Premstaetten, Austria (9 October, 2017) -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, today announced, that it has signed a franchise distribution agreement with EBV Elektronikcovering the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The franchise agreement is effective immediately, and entitles EBV to sell the ams portfolio of products.

ams has signed EBV as a franchised distributor to provide a wider range of OEM customers with technical sales and design support for its advanced sensor solutions. The optical, imaging, environmental, audio, magnetic, and wireless sensing products from ams include extensive firmware elements and provide high-level system functions in applications such as lighting, air quality, health status, display management, color analysis, flow sensing, acoustic noise cancellation, and motor control.

By focusing its engineering expertise on a dedicated number of component manufacturers, EBV gains a deep understanding of its suppliers’ advanced technologies and of the best means to implement them in new designs. This EBV business model helps OEM customers get to market more easily and more quickly with designs that use innovative components such as ams sensor solution ICs (Integrated Circuits). The new ams partnership with EBV is therefore expected to lead to growth both in ams’ customer base and in the number of design wins for its products.

EBV will provide a full distribution service to customers using ams products. This starts at the first stages of proof-of-concept development, at which EBV’s engineers will help designers to evaluate the capabilities of ams’ products. EBV’s support extends through to volume production, supported by its large-scale inventory and advanced logistics services.

“EBV has an impressive technical sales and support operation that will help new users to discover and deploy ams’ unrivalled range of high-performance sensor solutions”, said Barron Crosby, Vice President for Global Distribution at ams.

“EBV’s focus on growth markets such as smart sensing and connectivity makes for a perfect marriage with the ams portfolio of application-oriented sensor solutions. ams has a unique portfolio of sensor solutions which provide innovative features for applications in the smart consumer and smart building, wearables, healthcare, industrial, and automotive markets in which EBV is Europe’s top component distributor”, said Slobodan Puljarevic, President of EBV. “By adding the products of ams to our linecard, EBV is bringing a new and exciting set of capabilities to our customers.”