New ams gas sensor module for kitchens enables automatic control of cooker hoods and ventilation fans

Premstaetten, Austria (13 November, 2018) -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, has released a new version of its iAQ-Core module, a low-power gas sensor for the detection of steam, odors and fumes in kitchen applications.

The iAQ-Core K is the latest member of the ams iAQ-Core family of advanced MEMS gas sensing modules, and is supplied in the same small (18mm x 15mm), robust package. It is resistant to airborne contamination by water vapor, dirt or grease, and operates reliably when exposed to the high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and humidity often found in kitchens.

This latest module in the iAQ-Core family combining the existing features of previous modules along with a new algorithm for detecting steam, cooking fumes and kitchen odors. The iAQ-Core K provides measurements of the relative concentration of VOCs and steam to a host controller, and the architecture enables automatic control of fan speed in cooker hoods or in a kitchen’s demand-controlled ventilation system.

In either application, the sensor reliably detects rapid changes in humidity and gas composition that are characteristic of cooking processes. The fast response of the module’s new algorithm means cooker hoods or demand-controlled ventilation systems can automatically maintain consistently good indoor air quality in the kitchen, while helping conserve energy by activating ventilation fans only when needed.

“Compact, robust MEMS technology is enabling the integration of gas-sensing technology into many end product types for the first time,” said Stefan Crijns, Head of business line environmental sensors at ams.

“With the release of the iAQ-Core K module, manufacturers of cooker hoods can now easily integrate a reliable gas-sensing device into their products with minimal development effort, and substantially increase the value of their products to the consumer by enabling automatic operation. This means, for instance, that the cooker hood can automatically detect humidity or odors and increase or decrease the fan speed when the user is occupied with tasks away from the stove top.”

The iAQ-Core module’s K variant is available in December 2018. Unit pricing is $8.00 in order quantities of 1,000 units.