With a 15-minute rapid test at lab quality powered by ams spectral sensing technology, this mass testing solution is highly reliable, easy to use, and can connect to medical-certified cloud services.

The Corona virus has disrupted our lives and changed life as we knew it – in schools, at work, in social care. The world needs highly reliable and affordable COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) tests for early infection detection. That is why ams is introducing a solution for testing anyone at any time and any place.

With a 15-minute rapid test at laboratory quality, we can gain control over the pandemic. Powered by critical spectral sensing technology from ams, manufacturers, enabling-organizations like the cloud-infrastructure provider, Extra Horizon, and national governments are increasingly noting the benefits of this game-changing technology.



Testing times call for fast and effective measures

The PCR tests used today are accurate but expensive and dramatically slower in delivering results. Trained personnel are needed, the tests are performed in in centralized labs, and the process takes hours – or often days.

In stark contrast, ams digital lateral flow technology allows antigen testing that is significantly faster. It outperforms common visual rapid tests in sensitivity and accuracy. Plus, it is broadly available in low-cost, disposable tests that are easy to use by everyone.

This solution can be connected to an app via Bluetooth, delivering accurate results directly to a smartphone within 15 minutes. This is already transformational, but the real game-changer is its seamless integration into medical certified cloud services. COVID-19 results may be uploaded immediately and contribute to a nationwide Corona status update in real time.

ams provides the essential part of this solution: a complete printed circuit board containing all key components such as the light source, the highly sensitive spectral sensor, and the connection module.

Testing is as easy as it is effective. After the connection to the smartphone is made, you collect a saliva sample using a collection device like a pipette and insert a drop into the opening of the disposable test. In approximately 15 minutes the result appears on the screen and gets uploaded to a medical cloud. To see how this works in practice, see our short video.

So, while the Corona virus has changed everything instantly, let us change the way the world confronts it with the 15-minute rapid test at lab quality, powered by ams spectral sensing technology.


Medical-cloud connected Lateral Flow Test with Extra Horizon

Governments and authorities need to enable fast, reliable, and effective testing with the results available through a fast, secure, and GDPR-compliant medical-grade cloud solution. Our cloud infrastructure partner, Extra Horizon, offers best-in-class GDPR-compliant medical-grade cloud solutions through their deeply proven expertise in medical cloud. The company’s professional expertise in developing customized solutions, leveraging an extensive backbone knowledge, makes it an ideal partner for ams for this important undertaking. We hope that this solution will eliminate complicated logistics and clinical processes and streamline approaches to mass testing and effectively become an essential tool in the effort to help control the pandemic and resume the many economic and social activities that comprise what we call normal life.


National government interest in this contribution to pandemic control

National governments and international agencies, such as the World Health Organization and the European Union, are striving to develop and collaborate effective resources for pandemic control. So ams is honored to participate in the EUREKA funding program and join the Austrian Federal Ministries for Transport, Innovation, and Technology, and for Digital and Economic Affairs in the fight against the pandemic. EUREKA is the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation, present in over 45 countries via national funding agencies.