ams and Odithc in agreement to supply turnkey solution for industrial and commercial ultrasonic flow meters

Shenzhen, China, (20 December, 2017) –  ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, announced today the launch of a turnkey solution for industrial and commercial ultrasonic flow meters developed in cooperation with Chinese design house Shenzhen Odithc Electronics Co Ltd (Odithc), which specializes in high precision flow measurement.

The industrial and commercial ultrasonic flow meter solution is based on the latest ams ultrasonic-to-flow converter (UFC) product, the TDC-GP30YA, and patented technologies developed by Odithc. The companies’ aim is to offer a complete system solution which is simple and easy to use, offers high performance, and accelerates time to market for manufacturers of flow meters.

The TDC-GP30YA is based on time-to-digital converter (TDC) technology developed over a period of more than 20 years by the specialty sensor business line of ams. The ams TDC unit offers high resolution of up to 11ps, and includes an ultra-low power 32-bit microprocessor and a task sequencer to control  every internal functional block. The device draws just 4µA at a sampling rate of 2Hz.

The Odithc team has rich experience in hardware, software and system design, and has specialized in ultrasonic flow metering technology for almost 10 years. Using its intelligent matching algorithm to compensate for variations between the mechanical, acoustic, flow distribution and electronics characteristics of flow meter designs, Odithc helps users to implement a compact but complete, cost-optimized and high-performance ultrasonic flow metering system.

“We are excited about our cooperation on this turnkey solution with Odithc, which will benefit the Chinese market a great deal. Odithc’s design and technical support will enable our customers in China to access the latest ams ultrasonic flow meter technology for measuring heat, water and gas flows, and to achieve a faster time-to-market,” said Joe Chen, Vice President, Greater China at ams.

“We are very pleased to provide a turnkey solution based on ams’ ultrasonic-to-flow converters. As the market leader, ams converters have excellent performance on energy consumption, measurement of precision and stability,” said Oliver Yang, CTO of Shenzhen Odithc Electronics. “We highly recommend this turnkey solution to customers as it is superior to other solutions in the market and they further promote development in the industry.”

As part of the agreement to jointly develop a turnkey solution, ams and Odithc have tested the new ultrasonic flow meter design at a shared laboratory in the Baoan district of Shenzhen which complies with relevant Chinese national standards. More tests are due to be conducted in the coming three months in Germany. Odithc plans to start selling this turnkey solution, backed by full technical support, in the second quarter of 2018.