Chinese webinar: ams OSRAM empowers in-cabin sensing applications

Join our on-demand Chinese webinar about in-cabin sensing

Designers have been trying to eliminate physical buttons for years. The use of touch technology in smartphones, smartwatches and electronic devices is nothing new and has been around for a long time. Meanwhile, capacitive-based contact sensors offer the advantage of durability, less susceptibility to damage, high sensitivity and high reliability compared to mechanical switches. 

With the rise of new energy and smart cars, control screens, smart mirrors, multi-functional steering wheels, seat control, larger displays, a variety of new materials, including smart surface products, are increasingly introducing capacitive contact sensing technology, which has become a practical, value-added alternative to mechanical switches.

In addition, capacitive sensing technology can be well integrated with ambient lighting in vehicles for ambient light adjustment. For example, ams OSRAM's RGBi products can adjust each LED separately, and by combining the capacitive sensors of the AS8579, the brightness and color of each RGB LED can be adjusted based on this touch/non-contact method, resulting in a rich cockpit experience.

Time: November 28, 2023 10:00, GMT+8

By attending this webinar you will gain insights on:

- ams OSRAM's in-cabin sensing product portfolio at a glance
- ams OSRAM optical sensing - ambient light detection application scenario analysis
- Rain sensors AS2720/AS2400/AS4553
- Capacitive sensor product introduction HOD AS8579
- In-cabin sensing market trends and outlook


Morris Li

Senior Field Application Engineer Manager

Morris Li has over 20 years of experience in technical support for automotive and related product applications. He works as a Senior Field Application Engineer Manager at ams OSRAM, focusing on multi-purpose markets such as automotive power battery management systems and emerging markets. For many years, Morris has been driving the team to focus on the technical support of current sensors for battery management and motor drive. He is well versed in automotive motor control technology.