Webinar: How ams spectral sensing technology innovation enables improved methods of rapid testing for COVID-19

2020/09/17 - 2020/12/31



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Join our webinar about ams’ innovative spectral sensing technology to create point-of-care rapid antibody tests for COVID-19.

The latest multi-spectral sensor chip AS7341L released by ams is used in in vitro diagnostics (IVD), especially in the field of rapid detection Point-of-Care Testing (POCT), such as Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) for COVID-19, which has more advantages than existing solutions:

  • Quick diagnosis
  • More accurate
  • Compact, portable and easy to use
  • Good compatibility with different reagents and different colors or spectral responses
  • Data transmission and processing in the cloud are realized through the component solution of ams

ams' optical sensing product series, which has a leading position in the industry, has been successfully applied in new product fields such as medical treatment. It is suitable for personnel engaged in research and development of portable personal medical diagnostic equipment and market personnel to quickly develop the market.


Chinese Webinar

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Japanese Webinar

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Why attend the Webinar?

  • The AS7341L spectral sensor from ams can reliably read virus particles through spectrum analysis, and can obtain rapid detection results within 15 minutes
  • Achieve effective detection solutions at a lower cost at home and in professional medical environments
  • Find out how our sensor is applied in rapid testing for COVID-19


ams places great importance in the POCT market and hopes to cooperate in the field of in vitro diagnostics. If you have R&D capabilities in areas such as optical components, rapid test reagents, rapid test equipment, or work in the field of human body fluid testing, such as saliva/blood/urine testing and you want to apply our latest rapid test technology, please join our webinar. Ask questions and leave your comments in the webinar and we will have a professional team contact you for further cooperation.

Chinese Webinar Speaker

Morris Li
Field Application Engineer Manager

Morris Li has more than 20 years of experience in semiconductor and related product application technical support, focusing on medical and other multi-purpose markets and emerging markets. Over the years, he has led the team to complete technical support for many R&D projects ranging from large medical equipment to portable personal medical products. He has in-depth understanding and application experience in analog electronic circuit design and image, optical and other sensor technology applications.


Japanese Webinar Speaker

Keiji Mitsuhisa
Field Application Engineer 

Keiji Mitsuhisa is FAE in Japan and he is responsible for optical sensors in every area of industrial, medical and consumer business. Keiji is about 25-year veteran in the field of semiconductor segment. He has a Bachelor in Electronics and Information Science at Kyoto Institute of Technology.