Chinese Webinar: Mira220 Machine Vision Solution and Applications

2022/08/30 - 2022/08/30





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A more recent application is the vision of the environment for ever more complex autonomous robots and cobots. This equipment benefits from accurate 2D, and ideally 3D visualizations of the environment and object to be worked with. Near infrared illumination, both with flood- and high-contrast dot illuminators, combined with sensitive NIR image sensors enables compact, cost effective, and high-performance 3D systems immune to uncontrolled illumination conditions. ams OSRAM is a leader for VCSEL-based illuminators and high quantum efficiency NIR image sensors.

The new Mira220 is the latest product in the Mira family of pipelined high-sensitivity global shutter image sensors. ams OSRAM uses back side illumination (BSI) technology in the Mira220 to implement a stacked chip design, with the sensor layer on top of the digital/readout layer. This allows it to produce the Mira220 in a chip-scale package with a footprint of just 5.3mm x 5.3mm, giving manufacturers greater freedom to optimize the design of space-constrained products such as smart glasses and VR headsets.

Why attend the Webinar?

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • ams OSRAM latest Mira220 product and solutions
  • Advanced back-side illumination (BSI) technology
  • Machine vision marketing analysis and market trending 


Time: Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022, 14:00pm~15:30pm, GMT+8

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Daniel Wang
Senior Field Application Engineer
Daniel has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, involving the R&D and application of microprocessors and sensor products.