Chinese Webinar: LiDAR paving the way for Industry 5.0

2021/12/14 - 2021/12/14



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Join us in this webinar to learn more about ams OSRAM's latest LiDAR solutions.

In recent years, LiDAR has been widely used in various industrial fields. As we all know, lasers are the core components of LiDAR applications, which are also closely related to the technical route and target market of LiDAR. This seminar mainly introduces the performance requirements of various laser radar solutions for semiconductor lasers, as well as the technical parameters of EEL and VCSEL lasers from ams OSRAM and the application scenarios in this field. ams OSRAM's new product portfolio can provide key technologies and application areas required in the future industrial market: autonomous driving, robots, logistics vehicles, environmental and ecological monitoring, target detection, security monitoring, V2X, etc.

Why attend the Webinar?

  • Understand the decision criteria and performance requirements of laser selection
  • Discuss the different application requirements and technical characteristics of various light sources of LIDAR
  • Introduce the technical parameters and application scenarios of ams OSRAM EEL and VCSEL solutions

Time: Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 10:00am~11:30am, GMT+8

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Speaker: Byron Liang, Senior Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM
Byron is the senior marketing manager of the visualization and laser application division of ams OSRAM. He is mainly responsible for the application and business development of laser radar lasers and other products in China and the Asia-Pacific market. He has rich market experience and technology knowledge. 


Q&A guest: Weir Sun, System Solution Engineering Manager at ams OSRAM
Weir is currently the technical application manager of the visualization and laser business of ams OSRAM. He has more than 18 years of technology research and development experience in the field of LEDs and lasers and has a deep understanding of the light source and imaging principles as well as rich project experience.