Interclean Amsterdam 2022

2022/05/10 - 2022/05/13

RAI 암스테르담, 유로파플레인, 1078 GZ 암스테르담, 네덜란드

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Interclean Amsterdam

청소 및 위생 전문가를 위한 세계 최고의 무역 박람회입니다. 청소 제품과 솔루션, 최첨단 주제 및 미래의 기술에 대한 영감을 주는 세션을 통해 전문 청소 산업의 비즈니스 기회를 파악할 수 있습니다. 최신 혁신 및 투자 기회를 확인하십시오.

Join our presentation about UV-C treatment

Title: UV-C treatment applications with LEDs and sensors

Abstract: UV-C radiation is a mighty weapon in the fight against all kind of microorganisms. It can be used to inactivate viruses and treat all kind of different pathogens effectively. Conventional UV-C sources are available since decades and used in various disinfection applications already. UV-C LEDs are still quite new as a source of germicidal radiation and - in contrast to conventional sources - enable completely new applications and features, especially in combination with UV sensors, such as online-dose monitoring, compensation of the ageing mechanism of the UV-C LED and the complete system, and even the detection of microorganisms.

Speaking slot: Thursday May 12th, 2022 at 11:30am -12:20pm CET

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Read more in the detailed speakers pogramme.

Speaker: Alexander Wilm, Principal Engineer and Senior Key Expert at ams OSRAM

Alexander Wilm is Principle Engineer for Light and Life in the system solution engineering department at ams OSRAM. His career started with optics and system design for LED headlamps, flash lights and projectors. Active in several expert associations for lighting, Alexander drives innovation in solid state lighting. In his current position he is consulting customers on LED related questions in different fields like general lighting, horticulture lighting and UV-C treatment.

We look forward to welcomimg you to our speech at Interclean Stage.