P4Q chooses ams OSRAM spectral sensor in their reusable, white-label digitalized lateral flow tests for the diagnostic and point of care industry

News Facts:

  • ams OSRAM’s spectral sensor and LEDs allow the Qassay-Lateral-Flow-Test (LFT)-reader to accurately and objectively evaluate a lateral flow test strip
  • The multi-use reader and smartphone app can be customized and branded for third-party manufacturers of medical equipment and personal healthcare devices
  • The filter technology of ams OSRAM spectral sensors supports digital health by enabling P4Q and their medical device customers to get to market faster with objective, reusable lateral flow test reader products


Premstaetten, Austria (14th March, 2022) – ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, today announced it has supported original design manufacturer (ODM) P4Q in the development of a new production-ready design for a reusable LFT-reader. P4Q’s new Qassay-LFT-reader will enable brand-name manufacturers of medical and diagnostics equipment to get to market faster with easy-to-read and objective LFT reader products based on advanced optical semiconductor technology.

The Qassay-LFT-reader uses an AS7341L spectral sensor from ams OSRAM to read test lines on a standard lateral flow assay or Europium-based fluorescence test. The test strip is illuminated by either a white LW Q38E LED or an SU EBLP51.VA UVA LED, both also from ams OSRAM. The filter technology of the spectral sensor and the LED help make the LFT readers more reliable and easier to objectively read.

"From fertility testing to measuring cholesterol levels, there is a wide range of applications for digital LFTs. P4Q's Qassay LFT reading solution addresses these use cases, and enables customers to digitize their products using ams OSRAM technology," says Frederic Valentin, Vice President Sales EMEA at ams OSRAM.

"We chose the AS7341L spectral sensor because of its high sensitivity and accuracy. By combining ams OSRAM optical filter technology with P4Q's cloud infrastructure-based and artificial intelligence-enhanced reading system, we have produced a highly precise medical diagnostics solution," says Aitor Alapont, CEO at P4Q Electronics.

The reusable Qassay-LFT-reader supports the latest automated digital healthcare processes. The multi-channel AS7341L optical sensor detects even faint test lines on an LFT strip under the light emitted by a white or UVA LED, producing very reliable test results. The reader can be used with strips for testing a wide variety of conditions and bio-markers, including Covid-19 infection, diabetes, cancer, and fertility status. A Bluetooth® radio in the Qassay device links to the user’s smartphone. The Qassay app controls the reader’s operation, and enables automatic uploading of test results to the cloud.

The Qassay-LFT-reader is supplied as a 130mm x 44mm x 15mm plastic cartridge. A white-label solution for use by third-party companies, the reader can be customized and branded to fit the requirements of individual medical device manufacturers. The smartphone app can also be configured and branded.

Optical filter technology enhances LFT operation

In lateral flow tests, a liquid such as blood or saliva is applied to a test strip, which then flows evenly on to it and causes a biochemical reaction after a short time. The ams OSRAM AS7341L, a highly sensitive spectral sensor, detects very small changes in the color of the test strip caused by the binding of analytes with reagents in the lateral flow test, making the test more objective and easier to read. The multi-channel sensor capability of the AS7341L enables the Qassay-LFT-reader to offer cost-effective detection of multiple analytes.


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The multi-use reader from Qassay with ams OSRAM’s spectral sensor and LEDs can be customized and branded for third-party manufacturers of medical equipment.
Image: Qassay is a P4Q registered brand name



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