Two technology powerhouse companies with over 110 years of history need a powerful visual corporate identity. Our journey started with the company vision and customer feedback.

In March 2021, ams and OSRAM started to operate as a combined company. Together, we imagine exciting and essential new applications that make life better for everyone – from making journeys safer, medical diagnosis more effective and daily moments a richer experience. We want to help customers not only imagine the impossible, we want our technology, our engineering expertise and the way we operate as a company help our customers realize the impossible.

As part of joining two technology powerhouse companies, who combined, have over 110 years of history, we needed a powerful way to move forward with our visual corporate identity. The journey started with our vision to create a global leader in optical solutions and equally important with our customer`s feedback. To ensure an outcome based on data, we conducted both a broad-market survey aimed at the engineering communities who are our customers coupled with a specific customer targeted survey to understand their view. The research strongly demonstrated the importance of transporting the respective iconic and recognizable marks of both companies.

The ams brand has a strong image. It is seen as exciting, smart and represents competitive edge and momentum. OSRAM is an iconic, globally recognized and a long-established brand, representing a team of highly trusted, deep experts who are strongly customer-centric. Together, the company expects to position itself as a customer-centric, high-tech innovator drawing on the strength of each respective brand.

Given this background, yesterday we announced the decision to take a visible step to deliver on our company vision to create the uncontested leader in optical solutions. As global company with the ability to serve the full optical value chain – from emitters to sensors, from optics to algorithms – we developed a visual corporate identity strategy to reach our customer base. This means we feature the logos of both ams and OSRAM together. With ams OSRAM as the overarching visual corporate identity, a perfect balance is created to display how the combined company will focus on advancing technologies in particular in the areas of sensing, illumination and visualization. As part of this strategy, we will implement the “Sensing is life” tagline, as it emotes the human side of our company and our company purpose.

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The ams brand is owned by ams AG, and the OSRAM brand is owned by OSRAM GmbH. A visual combination of the respective ams and OSRAM logos is designed to represent two leading companies in optical technology coming together as one. The approach represents our visual corporate identity, yet does not represent a new brand.

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