electronica 2024

The world's leading trade fair and conference for the electronics.


Sense the power of light

Visit us at electronica 2024 in Munich and discover how ams OSRAM brings to light the information that our environment holds by combining sensors, emitters, and ICs. Looking back on more than 100 years of industry experience, ams OSRAM combines engineering excellence and global manufacturing and wants to inspire people with innovative solutions. We attend electronica as a trusted partner and as a global leader in automotive, offering the entire range of optical semiconductor technology.  

Drive into the Future 
As the global market leader, we are driving the future of mobility with integrated solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow. From dynamic forward lighting systems that enhance safety and performance to advanced in-cabin sensing solutions, we revolutionize mobility, shaping and delivering cutting-edge innovations. 
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Unlock Robot Superpowers
Robots are no longer just mechanical marvels — they’re becoming our trusted companions in both factories and homes, revolutionizing how we work, live, and interact. Our advanced technologies, including miniaturized sensing solutions, I/V/T-sensing products, optical force sensing, temperature monitoring, spectral analysis, and 3D imaging, are at the forefront of this robotic revolution.
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Redefine reality
How do VR headsets and AR glasses know their position? How can virtual objects seamlessly blend into our surroundings? Our precise world-facing sensing technology captures every twist, turn, and tilt of a headset, enabling people to explore virtual worlds without jarring transitions. With 3D mapping and VR Video Pass Through (VPT), we seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds.
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Master the language of the human body
We create cutting-edge technologies that decode the language of the body, transforming it into medically relevant information, delivered in a usable format. In collaboration with our customers, we develop miniaturized applications that form the foundation for precise, efficient diagnostics and smart healthcare systems.
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Establish an industry that leaves nothing to chance
We make manufacturers and companies achieve greater quality, cost efficiency and functional safety by automating their processes. Our optical solutions for industrial image processing enable machines for pick-and-place tasks, automatic identification and more. We also make horticulture intelligent. With state-of-the-art growth stimulation and precise condition monitoring, we enable a more sustainable and higher-yielding cultivation.
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Empower industries with customized ASIC Solutions
As a trusted partner, we provide a comprehensive support ecosystem to specify, design, manufacture, supply and protect CMOS-based customized IC solutions. Hundreds of customers around the world have partnered with us for their high-performance, application specific integrated circuits – to achieve smaller, more energy-efficient, or more robust ICs for their new products while minimizing the bill of materials and time-to-market.
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Unlock the Future of Smart Living with ams OSRAM
We digitalize buildings by enabling automated functions. From advanced smoke detection and smart keyless access to human-centric lighting (HCL), UV-C disinfection & treatment, and condition monitoring: Our cutting-edge lighting and sensing technologies enhances comfort, safety, and efficiency. Our market-proven components ensure the fail-safe operation of critical infrastructure and provide integration and assembly options in customized designs that go beyond the standard.
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We look forward to meeting you at our booth 279 in Hall B4.