10th International Forum of Automotive Lighting, China (IFAL 2022)

2022/10/12 - 2022/10/14

Sorl Hotel, Shanghai


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Join the forum to learn more about the ams OSRAM’s Micro Lens Array Advanced Applications and the new generation of economical light module.

Join our speeches about Micro Lens Array (MLA) applications

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of IFAL. The forum has evolved from an sharing session of academic and technological achievements between universities and the automotive lighting industry to a high-end platform for technological innovation exchange in the advanced automotive manufacturing industry in line with international standards.

Topic 1: ams OSRAM’s Micro Lens Array (MLA) Advanced Applications

  • Various advantages of MLA in terms of static projection
  • Applications of MLA, including semi-dynamic and wide angle applications. Their features, structures and properties.

Speaker: Cao Yiyu
Senior Application Engineer of ams OSRAM
Mr. Cao has been dedicated in LED, optics and automotive industries for a long time. He once worked in international well-known enterprises such as General Electric, Philips Lumileds, Mind Electronics and domestic head industry related enterprises, serving as senior optical engineers and optical experts.


Topic 2: New Generation of Economical Light Module

The continuous improvement of LED luminous flux has brought more convenience and changes to the design of headlamps, and has also made high-performance and low-cost LED headlamps possible. This report introduces the headlamp reference design scheme based on the new generation of high-brightness OBFX series of light source modules.

Speaker: Bevan Bao
Senior Application Engineer of ams OSRAM
Mr. Bao has a 15-year automotive lighting industry working experience. For nearly 10 years, he has focused on automotive LED applications. He joined ams OSRAM in 2013 and works as a senior engineer and is mainly responsible for automotive LED exterior applications, as well as the electronic hardware/software development and design.


ams OSRAM Demo on Exhibition 

  • Intelligent Dynamic Front Lighting System – EVIYOS® multi-pixel solution series for automotive headlights, enabling high-resolution dynamic light distribution
  • Ambient RGB - for ambient RGB applications, ams Osram's LEDs offer many advantages in terms of brightness, resolution, design freedom, color uniformity, and enable calibration in larger systems.
  • OBF-X- the first surface-mount technology (SMT) LED brand for forward lighting enabling mass-market adoption to mid segments – a target market that was unaffordable to reach with conventional technology.
  • MLA-operate as ultra-small projectors which have images integrated into the micro-optic lens, producing sharp images in brilliant color.