Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is used to build a new atmosphere inside the car. We differentiate between three areas which use different types of LEDs. These three areas are described in the following.

Ambient lighting: from white illumination to ambient and dynamic lighting in color

Ambient white illumination is used for natural illumination in the automotive interior. Perfect ambient white illumination is putting the human into focus, known as human centric lighting. Color temperature and natural color rendering index (CRI) are the critical factors to support this objective.

ams OSRAM supports this field of application with its product family OSTUNE®.


Ambient lighting in color (R/G/B)

From design to function, ambient lighting ensures to bring color into the vehicle via highly integrated RGB solutions. Today, light-based applications in the automotive industry are more than just a design feature. The lighting itself becomes eye-catching and interactive. Hidden beneath textiles or plastics, only visible when switched on (so-called material illumination or shytech), the interaction is linked to dedicated functions.

ams OSRAM supports this field of application with its product family OSIRE®.


Dynamic lighting in color (R/G/B)

Current ambient lighting applications are using light to illuminate an area in one fixed color and brightness. There is a trend towards moving here to dynamic light. It allows different colors and different brightness levels in one area at the same time. The applications itself may have decorative purposes, but it may also support warnings or a simple communication or even interaction with the driver or passengers.

ams OSRAM offers specifically for this field of application besides its standard OSIRE® Family a unique solution: an intelligent RGB device. The first member of this family is called OSIRE® E3731i; this device integrates besides the R/G/B chips an IC, including driver, calibration data and a serial bus interface with OSP (Open System Protocol).