Chinese Webinar: Industrial 5.0: ams OSRAM empowers industrial robots into new territory of collision avoidance


Watch our on-demand Chinese webinar about ams OSRAM’s robotic collision avoidance product portfolio

As robots rapidly become more integral and common to industrial production, service sector and everyday life, their ability to navigate and operate safely and efficiently is critical. Effective collision avoidance is key, enabling robots to perform autonomously in complex environments—whether it’s bustling production floors or intricate household spaces.

At its core, collision avoidance technology empowers robots to detect and navigate around obstacles while autonomously moving. The effectiveness of this function directly affects their operational efficiency and safety. The function enables a robot to navigate various environments smoothly without human intervention, greatly enhancing work efficiency and minimizing damage and malfunction, thereby ensuring durability and reliability in robot operations.

ams OSRAM's expertise in EEL and VCSEL technologies, built on advanced laser chip epitaxy and packaging, ensures that robots perform reliably and adapt to unpredictable conditions, such as dynamic obstacles, temporary changes in environmental layout, offering both flexibility and enhanced intelligent services.

Time: April 25, 2024, 10:00 - 11:30, GMT+8, Thursday 

By attending this webinar you will gain insights on:
  • Overview of our collision avoidance products, including EEL laser diodes, VCSEL dot and flood projectors, and VCSEL bare chips
  • Analysis of collision avoidance application scenarios
  • Market trends and perspectives for robot collision avoidance sensing


Fan Jia

Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM

Jia graduated as a Master in Physics from Hong Kong Baptist University. Having been devoting herself to the industry for over a decade, she is an expert in products, applications and the market of opto semiconductor materials and components.

Q&A Guest

Dewang Mo
Senior System Design Supervising Engineer

Dewang is a seasoned expert in the industrial robot sector, specializing in the application and design of sensor technologies, including LiDAR, structured light, and time-of-flight (ToF) systems.