ams TSL2580 Ambient Light Sensor

Not for new design
Not for new design


The TSL2580 is a very high sensitivity light-to-digital converter that transforms light intensity to a digital signal output capable of SMBus (TSL2580) interface. Each device combines one broadband photodiode (visible plus infrared) and one infrared-responding photodiode on a single CMOS integrated circuit capable of providing a near photopic response over an effective 16-bit dynamic range (16-bit resolution). Two integrating ADCs convert the photodiode currents to a digital output that represents the irradiance measured on each channel. This digital output can be input to a microprocessor where illuminance (ambient light level) in lux is derived using an empirical formula to approximate the human eye response. The TSL2580 device permits an SMB-Alert style interrupt, remains asserted until the firmware clears it.

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