Photonics Spectra Spectroscopy Conference 2022

2022/04/13 - 2022/04/13





Photonics Spectra Spectroscopy

Meet our spectral sensor expert at this virtual event presenting a market trend technology for consumer applications including UV wavelengths, VIS, NIR and SWIR.

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Title: Market-Trend Spectral Sensors: Prospects in Consumer Applications

With reductions in size and cost, spectral sensors have become a market trend technology not only for industrial solutions, but also for enabling new applications. The sensors’ accessibility allows new capabilities for innovation. Jensen presents the current types of spectral sensor technologies available for consumer-based or consumer-near applications, and he showcases these technologies with examples. He looks into a wide range of applications ranging from UV wavelengths to VIS, NIR, and SWIR, and he also gives an outlook of what future spectral sensor solutions could look like.

Time: Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 1:05pm EDT / 7:05pm CET

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Kevin Jensen, Senior Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM

Kevin is a sensor solutions expert with international experience in management, sensor solutions, electronic engineering, expansion strategies, internationalization, and marketing. He has a background in the hardware and design of optical sensor technology, as well as in spectral analysis and software concepts. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and software development and a master’s degree in general management. Jensen joined ams OSRAM in 2012.

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