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Best chance to become a well-recognized partner

"Exciting our customers" means more than to provide products and services conforming to the requirements and the best possible price: increasing value added, essential to the benefit of our customers and our common business performance, can be achieved only by consistent application of a continuous improvement process.

This requires permanent control to prevent and eliminate failures. "Zero tolerance to defects" is therefore the main rule to be followed throughout the supply chain - also applying to our suppliers and subcontractors.

Accept the challenge, show us convincing data of material/product/ service and your success in actively applying the "zero tolerance to defect" philosophy. Dedicating yourself to this, you have the best chance to become a well-recognized and accepted partner of ams OSRAM.

To start a successful business relationship with ams OSRAM, certain confidentiality requirements and general business terms have to be agreed on in advance.

ams OSRAM division SEMI environmental supplier requirements

All ams OSRAM products are made using environmentally friendly methods of production. We continually monitors its production techniques for environmental compatibility and develops new manufacturing processes. We also expect our suppliers to respect the environment, assume responsibility for it, deal with resources economically and avoid any negative impact on the environment. To maintain these high standards, we have established an index list that contains all substances not allowed in our production. A prerequisite for a cooperation as a supplier is to sign this index list.

> Environmental Supplier Requirements (GEN125)

In addition we have created a declaration on the non-use of hazardous substances and required environmental product tests, that need to be signed by suppliers before providing services or materials to our SEMI Division:

> Declaration on non-use of hazardous substances (GEN123)
> Declaration on non-use of hazardous substances in packaging materials (GEN122)

Code of conduct

Our company is committed to behave responsibly towards people and environment in view of 10 basic principles, including respect for human rights, nondiscriminatory practices in the workplace, abolishment of child labor, respect for the environment and elimination of corruption. For more information see The requirements that ams OSRAM expects all its suppliers and service providers throughout the world to follow, are summarized in our code of conduct. By agreeing to the code, suppliers also recognize the global compact principles and pledge to implement them in their own businesses and forward them to their own suppliers.

> Code of Conduct

Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions - ams-OSRAM USA Inc. (USA)