ams honored with the Huaqin Technology Best Collaboration Award 2020

  • ams received the award for excellent product performance, delivery capability, and service

  • Huaqin Technology Co. Ltd. is the largest ODM manufacturer in China, serving hundreds of mobile device suppliers from all over the world including several Tier One mobile device manufacturers

Premstaetten, Austria (January 29, 2021) -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced the company received the Best Collaboration Award at the 2020 Huaqin Core Supplier Conference for its excellent product performance, delivery capability, and service. Xichun Yao, Vice President of Supply Chain at Huaqin Technology, personally presented the award to ams, confirming the high esteem of Huaqin Technology for the ams brand and a shared vision of long-term cooperation between the two companies.

Huaqin Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest ODM manufacturer in China, serving hundreds of mobile device suppliers from all over the world including several tier-one mobile device manufacturers. Huaqin ODM capabilities include: mobile phones, tablets, smart wear, PCs, and servers. 

The Huaqin Technology Best Collaboration Award was established to honor Huaqin’s outstanding suppliers around the world. A total of 260 suppliers participated in the conference, among which only 12 enterprises won a Best Collaboration Award. The award recognizes ams outstanding de-livery capability and product performance, and also the company`s premium service, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

ams and Huaqin have cooperated in the field of smart products for nearly five years. ams has provided advanced sensor devices for Huaqin since 2016. In the field of screen management, ams provides a wide variety of high-performance products for Huaqin Technology. At present, ams’ TMD2712 and TMD2755 ambient light and proximity light sensors, TCS3400 color sensors, TMF8801 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, and TCS3701 optical sensors are widely used in many major tier-one mobile device manufacturers.

Among them, the ams TMD2755 subminiature 3-in-1 sensor integrates ambient light sensor (ALS) and proximity detection module, which can simplify the design for mobile phone manufacturers and reduce the space requirement for circuit boards. The TMD2712 subminiature ambient light and proximity sensor, at a size of only 1 mm × 2 mm, can maximize screen-to-body ratio, and realize brightness management of display, so as to ensure a comfortable viewing effect for users under all lighting conditions. TMF8801 ToF sensor can improve the sensing distance of smart phones, at a subminiature size that can deal with limited space, and provide excellent performance for the products. Even when the glass is dirty, it can maintain high-precision measurement through the on-chip histogram processing function. It is precisely due to the application of these high-quality products that Huaqin provides customers with precise screen management of smart electronic devices.

After the Huaqin Core Supplier Conference, the leaders of both parties held a consultation on future cooperation. Xichun Yao, Vice President of Huaqin Technology Supply Chain, noted: “The cooperation between ams and Huaqin will provide better user experience for end customers all over the world, and we look forward to future cooperation. We recognize ams’ professionalism and research and development capability. As a world-class optical device company, ams has secured a leading position in the global optoelectronic field. We believe that with ams’ innovative products, we can provide Huaqin with a more optimized product design plan, simplify the product design process, and speed the time to market, to remain competitive.”

“It is a great honor for ams to receive this Huaqin Technology Best Collaboration Award. Huaqin is a well-known and highly respected ODM company in China and an important long-term customer that has seen an increase in demand for its products over recent years. We will continue to create more value for both Huaqin and ams customers with future technological innovation ad-vantages and high-quality brand service capabilities,” said Pinglu Chen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Greater China at ams.