SFH 4645

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Customer complaint management — Details on return shipments for failure analysis request (FAR)

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Dry pack information

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Eye safety of IREDs used in lamp applications

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Handling of silicon resin LEDs

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High-speed switching of IR-LEDs — Background and data sheet definition

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Importing rayfiles and ray-measurement files of LEDs

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LED 可靠性与使用寿命

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Lebensdauer und Zuverlässigkeit von LEDs

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Manual lead-free soldering of LEDs

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Measuring of the temperature profile during the reflow solder process

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Recommended pick-and-place tools for LEDs

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Reliability and lifetime of LEDs

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Optische Simulation

Optical Simulation

Optical simulation


CAD Data

CAD files

Ordering codes

Produkttyp Beschreibung Bestellnummer Verfügbarkeit
SFH 4645 Ie = 45 ... 180 mW/sr, (Ie=80 mW/sr typ.) (IF = 100 mA) Q65110A9367
SFH 4645-UV-Z Ie = 45 ... 112 mW/sr, (Ie=80 mW/sr typ.) (IF = 100 mA) Q65110A9606



Calculate the effectiveness of an LED based on a selected light guide by showing the amount of incoupled, reflected and missed light rays.