Appliances & tools

By combining state-of-the-art light and sensor technologies, we enable machines to operate more efficiently, safely and add a new dimension to appliance design and differentiating features.

Making our white goods smarter

The digitization of our homes is enabling greater comfort, lower energy consumption and better comply with compelling design constraints. Combined lighting and sensing technologies are key to automation – making our white goods ‘smarter’ and adding color to function and design.

ams OSRAM optical technology enables new levels of convenience and quality with real-time monitoring and control for washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. Our multi-spectral sensors in the visible and near IR spectrum let you ‘see into the water’ to determine detergent effectiveness and rinse quality using competitively-priced precision components. This chip-scale sensing includes a range of offerings that can detect color, particles, and turbidity in water or sense different types of fabric.

As they become more intelligent, white goods will sense user presence and modify the display to further reduce power consumption or to realize more attractive fonts. Using 1D, single or multi-zone time-of-flight sensing the system can monitor for user presence and even detect simple hand gestures. Other ams OSRAM capabilities to support major appliances include: proximity and ambient light sensing for user display management, high-resolution image sensing and position sensing for motor control and door monitoring.

A new dimension of features sets which is supported by ams OSRAM’s innovative high-power UV-C LEDs and precise spectral sensors, allows to initiate periodic purification of the device using in-built contamination monitoring on filters or surfaces by UV-C stimulated bio-fluorescence measurements. We provide the right fit LED light and sensing solution across performance, spectrum and package options for the specific end applications – whether for innovative illumination, compelling functional features or display designs. 

Finally, advanced optical integrated or discrete components open opportunity for a complete new set of human-machine interfaces to control operation. Traditional control interfaces use dedicated mechanical buttons or touch screen which require additional coating to be resistant to dirt, wetness etc. and might show different aging behavior because of this. Others rely on capacitive or resistive sensing, which is problematic to operate with wet or dirty fingers or hands wearing gloves. Optical force sensing solutions bring a huge advantage here: defined areas on the machine’s housing become the control switch itself. It allows implementation of sensitive, robust, hygienic, stylish and cost effective switching controls. Reach out to ams OSRAM to learn more on these powerful solutions. 

Laser Illumination Laser Diode Blue Laser Turquoise Laser Green Laser Visible Laser Laser Laser Leveling 488 nm Fluorescence Spectroscopy Laser Pointer

Small appliance innovative solutions

ams OSRAM sensors, LED’s and lasers are an integral part of innovative solutions in small appliances. Customers use our emitters and sensors for functions such as making vacuum cleaners smart by employing spectral sensing for material identification of floor types (to adjust cleaning actions). Laser lighting is used for locating dirt and dust areas which require additional tratment with vacuum cleaner. For personal care devices, our sensors (for example) accurately measure temperature, proximity and moisture control in hair dryers. For beauty applications, ams OSRAM lasers are used to generate short high energety laser pulses which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair and destroy the follicle to slow down and or fully stop further hair growth in that area.
There is an extremely broad range of opportunities where laser or LED light emitters at selected spectra in combination with optical sensors unlock new solution domains. ams OSRAM supports these innovative solutions across the full range of desired optimization parameters, such as light source, spectral range, power range, form-factors and package options, beam shapes and optics and more.

Laser Illumination Laser Diode Blue Laser Turquoise Laser Green Laser Visible Laser Laser Laser Leveling 488 nm Fluorescence Spectroscopy Laser Pointer

Laser diodes in construction tools

Laser diodes can be game changers as tools for construction, warehouse management and even material processing.

In modern building construction, laser tools play an important role. Laser levelling helps ensure that an object under construction is in the correct alignment.

Laser diodes are also the perfect light source for range finders and distance measurement. For example, laser rangefinder technology is used extensively to enable the automation of stock management systems, some production processes, and even 3D modelling.

Our new green laser diodes enable users to benefit from the four-times brighter appearance of a green laser compared to red without sacrificing the valuable features of red lasers. The better visibility is ideal for longer distance operation and outdoor daylight applications.