Next-generation Photonics Technology for Metaverse Applications

2022/04/01 - 2022/04/01

National Taiwan University, Museum of Fine Arts, International Conference Hall


IEEE Photonics

Join the Chinese forum to learn more about the ams OSRAM’s AR application and technical solution.

The neologism Metaverse, coined by the founder of Meta, Zuckerberg, has rapidly captured the eyes of the world. As a promising platform, Metaverse is much likely to become a vital part of future life and work. Now many related industries are emerging, among which the optoelectronic technology has become the key part. From smart glasses needed by AR/VR, interactive display technology and novel display element such as MicroLED to optical components and 3D sensing components like VCSEL and PCSEL, all these technologies are advancing rapidly. In Taiwan, the R&D of AV/VR and 3D sensing have grown to create a complete industry chain. 

ams OSRAM Topic in Chinese: AR Experience and Smart Light Glasses

The speaker will talk about the market division of AR glasses and the application standard of challenges confronting the AR display. We will introduce the laser beam scanning display solution and the VEGALAS™ RGB, ams OSRAM’s laser module.

Speaking slot: Friday, Apr 1, 2022 at 3:20pm - 3:50pm GMT+8

Speaker: Daniel Lee, Technical Marketing Director, Rest of Asia, ams OSRAM

Before the integration of ams and OSRAM, Daniel was General Manager of ams Taiwan and Marketing Director of Greater China. He contributed in the establishment of a complete organizational structure for ams Taiwan and successfully expanded the sensor-related business.