ams AS7343 Spectral Sensor



The AS7343 is a 14-channel highly versatile, multi-purpose spectral sensor enabling new consumer, commercial, industrial and laboratory applications. It is optimized for reflective, transmissive and emissive measurements including color matching, fluid or reagent analysis or general spectral reconstruction.

The spectral response is defined by individual channels covering approximately 380 nm to 1000 nm with 12+2 channels: 12 in the visible spectrum (VIS) to near-infrared (NIR) range, a clear channel and flicker channel. Applications can be assisted by full spectral reconstruction of light and an integrated flicker detection channel that can automatically flag ambient light flicker at 50/60 Hz as well as buffer data for externally calculating other flicker frequencies. 

AS7343 integrates high-precision optical filters onto standard CMOS silicon via deposited interference filter technology. A built-in aperture controls the light entering the sensor array to increase accuracy. A programmable digital GPIO and LED driver enable light source and trigger/sync control. Device control and spectral data access is implemented through a serial I²C interface. The device is available in an ultra-low profile package with dimensions of 3.1 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm.

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AS7343 14-Channel Multi-Spectral Sensor


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