We bring intelligence to light and passion to innovation, delivering miniaturized solutions that make lighting more intelligent, personalized and sustainable.

Smart lighting for a better, more beautiful life

Lighting is more than illumination. It gives our built spaces a personality – inside and outside. It impacts our creativity and well-being throughout the day and offers us comfort at night. It helps plants grow in a controlled environment, allowing more sustainable food production. It can even purify our indoor spaces and life-supporting processes – like the air we breathe or the water we drink. All of this is made possible by advanced lighting solutions using controllable LEDs paired with sensor technology.

Based on over a century of innovation, our intelligent lighting solutions pave the way for new experiences, increase productivity, create beauty and evoke emotion. Alongside our customers across many industries, we work hard to transfer our core technologies to new domains, pushing the boundaries of innovation and market disruption.

ams OSRAM provides a unique portfolio of innovative LEDs, spectral and ambient light sensors. Our miniaturized and efficient solutions offer our customers infinite design possibilities, greater cost-effectiveness, outstanding performance and maximum accuracy – at workplaces, in greenhouses and at home.


Lighting Applications

Agriculture & horticulture LED lighting

ams OSRAM is a global leader in professional LED horticulture lighting and sensing. Optimized color and white LEDs and spectral sensors from our extensive product portfolio enable superior plant growth.

UV-C treatment

ams OSRAM’s solutions for smart UV-C, consisting of powerful LEDs and complementing spectral sensor solutions, purification can efficiently beat viruses, bacteria and spores: lights on, germs gone.

Outdoor & industrial lighting

High-quality outdoor lighting makes a difference and provides many important benefits to society.

Indoor lighting

The right lighting can inspire creativity and thinking, create an optimized environment for learning and enable healing, for example in hospitals where sleep and rest are critical to recovery.


Using the colorful and powerful light solutions from ams OSRAM, you can create the right mood to complement each performance or setting, generating a visual sensation full of the magic of entertainment.