Outdoor and industrial lighting

State-of-the-art LED outdoor and industrial lighting solutions from ams OSRAM increase safety and quality of life at workplaces, on public streets and squares.

Enabling industrial and professional outdoor lighting

How can light influence human well-being and comfort in industry and smart cities?

In industrial lighting, high quality of light is crucial for consistently high performance and precise working processes. Our best-in class-products offer uniform distribution of light, high efficiency and constant intensity and color. The broad portfolio of LED sizes and power packages in combination with presence or brightness sensors provide high flexibility for luminaire design whatever the type of workplace. High quality outdoor lighting provides many important benefits to society. Designed to give clear visibility without discomfort, good street lighting contributes to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers at night.

Architectural and façade lighting highlights the design of buildings and physical structures – illuminating objects for aesthetic and functional appeal, creating an emotional attachment while fulfilling its core function. ams OSRAM has a broad portfolio of cutting-edge spectral sensors and LEDs for all professional outdoor lighting requirements, delivering high quality, cost-effective solutions while providing more sustainable lighting-design choices. Our LED solutions offer outstanding performance, reliability, and industry-leading lifetime, even in harsh outdoor conditions. In parallel we offer spectral power distribution (SPD) quantification to support specialized outdoor lighting technologies. With our ambient light sensors as well as time-of-flight sensors for presence detection we enable new generation of lighting solutions, which allow further optimization towards energy saving. ams OSRAM lighting solutions help shaping the future of smart cities.

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