ams TCS3720 ALS/Color and Proximity Sensor



The TCS3720 features ambient light, color (RGB) sensing and proximity detection. The device integrates two advanced emitter drivers within a compact 3.34mm x 1.36mm x 0.6mm OLGA package.



  • Red, green, blue and clear ALS channels with improved sensitivity
  • Highly programmable gain and integration time
  • Display synchronization with highly programmable ALS Start Delay (ASD)
  • 737kHz ALS clock rate
  • 1KB FIFO
  • Integrated factory calibrated emitter drivers
  • Display synchronization with highly programmable Proximity Start Delay (PSD)
  • Crosstalk and ambient light cancellation
  • Optimized sensitivity and noise level
  • Wide configuration range
  • 1.8V power supply with 1.8V I2C bus
  • Configurable sleep mode
  • Interrupt driven device
  • Proximity saturation flag
  • Digital and analog ALS saturation flags
  • VSYNC status check


  • Ambient light sensing behind OLED displays
  • Proximity detection behind OLED displays
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated status checking for all functions


Produkt-Typ Beschreibung Bestellnummer Verfügbarkeit
TCS37203 OLGA T&R (10000pcs per reel) Q65114A1321
TCS37203M OLGA T&R (1000pcs per reel) Q65114A1323


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