ams CSG8K - 1” Global Shutter Image Sensor

ams CSG8K - 1” Global Shutter Image Sensor
ams CSG8K - 1” Global Shutter Image Sensor

Product features

With the CSG8K, ams offers an 8Mp global shutter area scan sensor, featuring 3.2μm charge domain pixels for the most demanding machine vision applications in 1” optical size. 

 The CSG family features fast 12-bit column based ADCs to achieve industry-leading high frame rates at full resolution enabling faster inspection and higher data throughputs. Data throughput can be reduced by subsampling or binning enabling even higher frame rates. Optical black pixels are used for automatic black level calibration and row noise correction. Computation in the ISP pipeline can be streamlined by the histogram and image statistics that are calculated on-chip. Binning of pixels is possible to improve FWC, DR and SNR. HDR modes operate with dual exposure. Exposure and read-out can be externally triggered.

The CSG family comes in a 218-pin LGA package with 22mm x 20mm x 3.3mm for ultra-compact
(C-Mount) designs. Typical applications include 4K video, factory automation, intelligent
transportation systems (ITS) and general machine vison.




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