Color LEDs

For a colorful life.

Our color LED solutions


Turning the world a brighter place is what we have to offer. It is the ability to transform rooms into cosy homes, buildings into spectacular landmarks and blind spots into save bets. From customized to standardized demands. For but not limited to, general lighting applications ranging from outdoor and indoor Lighting, horticulture lighting and architainment, industrial lighting, to safety and signal lighting solutions.

Color LEDs illumination solutions

Automotive & mobility

Integrated mobility solutions are key for solving countless future challenges. We, at ams OSRAM, provide the best-in-class product portfolio with the full bandwidth of latest mobility technologies and innovations. For but not limited to mobility applications for automotive and transportation.

Color LEDs automotive and mobility solutions


Opening up eyes to new possibilities is what we have to offer. With leading LED technology we're enabling the most powerfull and efficient solutions. For but not limited to visualization applications requiring high brightness out of a small form factor.

Color LEDs visualization solutions


Making perfect sense is, literally what we have to offer. Our dedicated color LEDs are the perfect choice for realiable and efficient sensing applications like for example vital sign & health monitoring.

Color LEDs sensing solutions