Smart surfaces – a revolution in the car-human interface

Smart surfaces/functional surfaces/shytech surfaces

car manufacturers today need to bring increasing functional complexity in the car interior into lean design, while at the same time allowing greater flexibility to enable over-the-air (OTA) updates of the so-called ‘smartphone on wheels.’ For that reason, display areas are expanding, while the user experience, complexity, cost and weight of interfaces based on physical buttons, knobs and rotary switches seem ever more outdated. However, displays are limited to certain surfaces. They suffer from reflections, do not allow freeform geometries, and the cost is not optimal for areas with a dedicated set of functions.
So, a new HMI – so-called smart surfaces – is revolutionizing interaction in middle console, center stack, overhead consoles or door panels. Shytech buttons and interactive, decorative backside illuminated animations can appear when the user looks at it or moves their hand nearby. Three-dimensional surfaces allow blind controllability where taking the eyes off the street would be too dangerous.

ams OSRAM offering

ams OSRAM offers a broad portfolio of solutions for smart surfaces from emitters to sensors and drivers. Our LEDs can be used for surface integrated ambient lighting, light-guide applications or button backlighting. We offer optical sensors for example for automated brightness control, but also non-optical sensors (inductive, magnetic, or capacitive) that can be used for example for the seamless integration of rotary-push buttons on smart surfaces. IR emitters and detectors are used for simple gestures and proximity.

Smart surfaces

From dynamic light to Open System Protocol – intelligence inside the LED

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