Industrial & Security X-ray

ams OSRAM offers innovative sensing solutions for security and industrial X-ray applications that enable high-precision and fast image acquisition, reliability, high-sensitivity, and low power consumption.

X-ray imaging solutions for security and industrial applications

Looking for an industrial X-ray detection solution that combines innovative technology, accuracy, and reliable performance?

X-ray scanning is typically associated with medical examinations, but in fact it plays a vital role in other industries providing security and safety for people. For example, X-ray machines are found at airports to scan luggage, on factory production lines where food and pharmaceuticals are produced, and for non-destructive quality control of critical mechanical components such as essential components for airplane engines. The nature of X-ray radiation allowing to ‘look inside’ makes it easier for food inspection or security personnel to detect potentially dangerous or harmful objects, and for precise mechanical operations to conduct quality assurance: formerly hidden things become visible.

ams OSRAM offers a wide range of sensing solutions for security and industrial X-ray applications that enable high-precision and fast image acquisition, reliability, high-sensitivity and low noise and power consumption. Highest frame rates and continuous integration without ADC deadtimes avoid any charge loss and best-in-class low-noise operation that allows X-ray imaging at lowest possible doses. This significantly reduces possible stress on exposed materials. The ams OSRAM solution comprises monolithic multi-slice sensors with pixel arrays up to 32x8 pixels and embedded multi-channel analog-to-digital (ADC) converters. Those integrated setups optimize overall bill of materials by eliminating the connection complexity between photodiode pixel array and the ADC, so simplifying the PCB layout. To address designs where more flexibility is required, ams OSRAM also provides high channel count discrete ADC solutions or even special customized integrations. Customers choose our advanced sensing solution for CT and flat panel detectors as well as large scale CMOS sensors for direct or indirect conversions.

Any X-ray scanning application can be complemented by ams OSRAM light projection and 3D-proximity sensing solutions assisting with object localization, user guidance or scan status reporting.


Security Line Scanners

ams OSRAM current-to-digital converters enable the acquisition of high-resolution images at extremely high speeds. High-speed image capturing results in faster throughput, less power consumption per channel and better noise immunity, which in turn can reduce system cost. Customers can select from different architectures and integration levels providing maximum design flexibility. Our solutions can be fully configured: this means it is possible to find exactly the right balance of resolution, integration time and power consumption for each application.


Security CT Scanners

Scanners in security applications increasingly take advantage of the ability of computed tomography (CT) equipment to take three-dimensional pictures of luggage. This is beneficial for passengers, because it allows them to keep liquids and electronic devices like laptops inside their hand luggage when going through security checks. ams OSRAM current-to-digital converters for CT scanners offer high resolution and fast integration time. Depending on spatial or system cost constraints customer can select from fully integrated solutions consisting of a monolithic integration of different size pixel arrays and the multi-channel ADC with various channel count options or discrete assemblies of large-scale CMOS pixel arrays with discrete multi-channel ADCs.

Industrial X-ray

X-ray scanners are used in various applications in industry. Prominent examples are the aviation and automotive industry where high-stress components for engine and undercarriage are X-ray inspected. The same is true for high-pressure tubes used in the gas or oil industry. However, X-ray imaging is also broadly used in the world of electronics to verify the quality of the assembly of components on PCBs. ams OSRAM offers a solution for the readout circuitry in the flat panels used in these applications. These readout ICs can be configured flexibly and used in a wide range of detector sizes and shapes.

Food Inspection

X-ray imaging can be used to ensure that there are no harmful objects in packaged food. Here, ams OSRAM supplies high channel count current-to-digital converters which offer extremely fast integration time. This enables the design of X-ray scanners which allow high throughput and lowest possible exposure to X-Ray doses.