Color lasers (VCSEL)

ams OSRAM offers a wide range of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) for different applications. 

Color vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs)

ams OSRAM offers wide variation for VCSEL products for different applications needing wavelengths ranging from visible red 680nm to the infrared 940nm.
The portfolio can be divided into three main categories:
Flood illuminators 
Packaged Flood Illuminator VCSELs are used for time-of-flight and infrared vision applications. 

BIDOS® P2433 Q and BIDOS® P4040 Q families are offering 3W and 6W devices with different FOI options for both 850nm and 940nm IR wavelengths. 
Dot projectors for 3D sensing
Dot projectors are used for 3D sensing with Active Stereo Vision and Structured Light applications. 

BIDOS® P3435 Q family offer dot projectors with different dot resolutions (5k to 15k dots), on both 850nm and 940nm IR wavelengths. 
Bare die VCSELs 
The bare die VCSELs offer more freedom for customer to use their preferred optics in more tightly integrated systems. 

The applications are ranging from distance sensing, time of flight, IR illumination, or for example atomic clock applications. 

Our bare die VCSEL portfolio contains single emitters as well as VCSEL arrays on varies wavelengths  (680nm, 795nm, 850nm 895nm, and 940nm) on different optical power levels from below mW up to hundreds of watts.